MENKMARI brand is an independent brand developed and operated by Guangzhou Guoju Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. Its products cover all vehicle components of Mercedes Benz and BMW series; Inventory items can reach over 20000+.
The MENKMARI team has over ten years of experience in the automotive parts industry, with advanced equipment and process technology requirements for the factory. Following the theoretical foundation and process principles of automobiles, we strictly control the quality of raw materials, production, processing, assembly, and finished product delivery; To achieve high-quality results for our MENKMARI brand parts.
The MENKMARI brand provides a warranty of up to two years; We have a large capacity warehouse and efficient delivery team, and we adhere to a rigorous and sincere work attitude before and after sales; Our brand philosophy: to create the most cost-effective automotive parts products 【with excellent quality, beautiful price, and good service】
We are willing to work hand in hand with our peers and contribute our modest efforts to the development of China's post automotive industry.